School Staff

Principal Heather MacPhee
Office Administrator Joyce Brule
Jodi Cianci
Head Custodian
Evening Custodian
Kevin Kargus
Romeo Penuela
Library Technician Jodi Cianci
Resource  Noreen Costello
Margie Butler
Educational Assistants Laurie Brunton, Heather Couillard, Lisa Gibson, Kristen Paquette, Stephanie Powell
Full Day Kindergarten 

Carina Quinn, Nicole Brooking, Mme Davison
Brianna McNeil, 
Sue Gogo-Brown,Shaista Anjum,
Barb Moulton
Grade 1 Ruth Stratford/ Jennifer Damiano, Kim Weber, Sarah Fields
Grade 2 Shauna Howell/ Alicia LaBerge, Janis Kam, Dayna Bedecki
Grade 3Lucie Guitard, Suzanne Dillabaugh, Dayna Bedecki
Grade 4

Michelle Beard, Trish Hewitt
 Patti D'Souza
Grade 5 Michelle Beard, Boyd Lane
Grade 6 Shannon Binotto
Primary French Lidia Mihail,
Marie Claire Tchinkou-Sibafeu
Extended French J.D. Berthelot 
French Immersion

Gr. 4 - Natalie Caseros, Carmen Levesque
Gr. 5 - Carmen Levesque, Stefanie Berube
Gr.6- Stefanie Berube
PlanningLaurie Ferraro Alexandra Hudson, Margie Butler

About Our School

School Schedule

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Period Two




Period Three




Period Four


Faith in Our School: While we recognize the importance of the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of our students, we also recognize spiritual development as being at the core of the mission of Catholic education. Along with each child’s family, and St Isidore Parish, we support each of our student's spiritual development by providing students with the opportunity to: 
  • learn about the Catholic faith through the Born in the Spirit Religion Program; 
  • learn about family life through the Fully Alive Program; 
  • participate in masses and liturgies; 
  • participate in works that help to bring about local and global social justice; and 
  • participate in activities that are rooted in gospel values and help to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to life in our school on a daily basis. 
Academic Program: In addition to our Religion and Family life program, we offer instruction in English (Language), French (Language), Mathematics, Science and Technology (in French for Immersion students), Social Studies (in French), The Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance in English or French), and Health and Physical Education (in French for Immersion students). All programs are based on the Ontario Curriculum. Click here to view these curriculum documents online.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

( Junior Students- Gr 5 & 6)
Cross Country Running
Ultimate Frisbee
Track and Field

Eco Squad
Musical Production
Gardening Club
Art Club
French Club


Extended Day Program

The Before and After School Clubs operate with a recreational focus. The daily program plan is developed by the staff and children and reflects the developmental needs and interests of the children in the group. Activities may include group games/sports, arts and crafts and drama. Themes and schedules are developed by staff and club members at the beginning of the year and changed as necessary. A light nutritious snack is provided both in the morning and the afternoon.

New Registration Infomation

Please call the Child Care Services Department at 613-224-4455 extension 2382 regarding registration queries.